COVID-19, Family Law and Families

Lunn Law LLC understands how severely COVID-19 has struck our community and it has led to some uncertainty about the path forward.  We should take all the recommended precautions by Governor Kemp and the CDC but we should also move forward in confidence and take this as an opportunity for growth in our marriage, co-parenting relationship, our children and relationship with ourselves.

There are seven (7) areas in which this sensitive time may present a positive opportunity. We must take advantage of all the opportunities that apply to our individual situations. The seven (7) areas we have identified are:

  1.  Spend quality time and reconnect:  If you and your spouse are working from home or out on paid leave then use this time to reconnect.  Just being in the same room and having lunch together can help with reconnecting. This is also true for your minor children that may be out of school. We live fast lives and this is a chance to slow down and make bonds stronger.
  2. Work on the relationship with your child’s other parent (if not married): You still must follow any court order that is in place.  Seize this as a time to try to better work with your child’s other parent to co-parenting more effectively.  Discuss any changes that you would like to make to your order and see if they think likewise.  If so, you two can agree to modify with the matter being uncontested and have a better court order in place for the benefit of the child/children and parties.
  3. Review all court orders:  Take the time now to make sure you are following any court order, in which you were a party so that your matter does not lead to a contempt action. You may also want to review any court order to make sure that the other party is also in compliance.
  4. Provide documents and answers to your attorney, if an existing case is pending: If you have outstanding document production to provide to your attorney or questions to answer and return then utilize this time to provide these items to your attorney. Do not hesitate to call your attorney’s law office if you have questions.
  5. Work on taking the necessary steps to remove yourself from a toxic relationship or marriage:  At Lunn Law LLC, we prefer to keep families intact when there is a strong and respectful union is place.  However, if your marriage is hurting you (physically or mentally) then you need to consider counseling and if that doesn’t work or isn’t a reasonable option, you should look to end that relationship.  Life is short and you cannot put yourself or your children in a toxic or dangerous atmosphere.
  6. File for a Child Support or Alimony Modification: If you are unable to pay child support or alimony because of unemployment or decreased income then you should not delay in filing for a modification. Your court order should be reviewed by an attorney before any filing is pursued.
  7. Get your legal questions answered and move forward with your case: Schedule consultation, a phone consultation or teleconference with an experienced attorney if you have questions about your court order, having child support established or the next steps for ending a toxic marriage.

Call Lunn Law LLC if you have any concerns about making the most out of the time we are dealing with COVID-19. Our law offices are located in Jonesboro, Georgia, and Fayetteville Georgia. We are scheduling teleconferences and phone meetings during this time to do our part to keep our community safe, help prevent the spread of the virus and meet legal needs. We can be reached at 770-492-2974.

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