The Two Different Types of Divorce Consultations and Why You Should Know Before Scheduling Your Appointment


There are two types of consultations that a law firm may offer.  One type of consultation is one where the law firm finds out if a potential client and potential client’s matter is a good fit for the firm.  The second type of consultaiton is one where it includes the purpose of the first type of consultation but also focuses on answering any legal questions the potential client may have at that time. The only way to find out from a firm which consultation type they offer is to ask.

You should know which one your prospective law firm offers so your expectations are on par with the law firm’s. You don’t want to arrive at a consultation with one set of expectations and the actuality is totally different.  This could result in a wasted consultation for both you and the law firm. Being on the same page with those that will potentially represent you in the future is essential.

Lunn Law LLC offers the second type of consultation. We analyze your case in detail, discuss when would be the best time to file your case (if appliclabe), and discuss with you next steps.  We will also address with you the strengths and weaknesses we have identified from the consultation. It is imperative that trust and honesty are established at the onset.

If you are in need of a divorce consultaiton, give Lunn Law LLC a call at 770-492-2974.



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