Children and Divorce

Parents are dealing with a very difficult time during a separation or divorce.  However, the children of divorcing parents are trying to cope as well.  If parents are informed, they can better assist their children.  For information and guidance to help a child cope with dealing with the changes of a divorce or separation, and to gather insight into their possible perspective, you may want to look at:

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Paternity/De-legitimation Case Update

The Court of Appeals of Georgia (Second Division), in Williamson v. Williamson, A09A1767, considered a case this year involving former spouses that had a child born while married to each other. A child born during a legal marriage is presumed the legal child of father (husband), unless rebutted.  The Court ruled that a presumed father who seeks to set aside a determination of paternity thereby de-legitimizing the child, has a very high hurdle and is required to include several things in his motion.

Case law requires that a trial court consider the best interests of a child in a legal father’s claim for de-legitimation.  So additionally,  in a mother’s claim to de-legitimize the legal father, the trial court must also consider the best interests of the child. Since the law favors legitimation even when the child’s legal father may not be the biological father, a mother who seeks to de-legitimate a child is not automatically entitled to compel the legal father to submit to genetic testing. To compel genetic testing of the legal father, the mother must first present evidence establishing that de-legitimation the child is in the child’s best interests.

Lunn Law LLC and Attorney Tiffany R. Lunn want you to be aware of your paternity and legitimation case. You should speak with an experienced paternity and legitimation attorney about the particulars of your matter. Remember,in cases such as this, the court’s most important priority is the best interest of the child.

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Considering a Collaborative Divorce?

Collaborative Divorce is growing more and more popular with spouses that wish to divorce but would like to end their marriage without having a  contested trial.  Click on the article below to better understand the collaborative process.  Depending on a number of factors, it may be the appropriate path for you or someone you know.

Lunn Law LLC and Tiffany R. Lunn, Esq want you to be aware of your divorce rights and all possible choices you may have in proceeding with divorce.  You should speak to an experienced attorney about the particular of your case.  Collaborative Divorce is not a good choice for all divorcing couples.


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Parent University Event in Henry County

Henry County officials are sponsoring  a system-wide event called “Parent University” on August 31, 2010 to provide parents with additional tools for child rearing.  If your child attends school in Henry County or you know someone whose child attends school in Henry County, find out more details about this event by clicking on the link below.


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