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Welcome to Lunn Law LLC Blog! Lunn Law LLC views the attorney-client relationship as salient. The managing attorney of Lunn Law LLC is Tiffany R. Lunn-White Esq (formerly and also known as Tiffany R. Lunn, Esq). You will locate the main website of Lunn Law LLC at:  Please view the legal disclaimer of Lunn Law LLC regarding this site and its intended purpose. Additionally, you should speak with an experienced family law or estates attorney about the fine details of your legal matter because there are facts that can alter general legal principles. Your specific facts could fall within an exception and only a detailed evaluation of your matter by an experienced attorney, such as Attorney Tiffany R. Lunn, can provide you with the security that you and your family need.

Lunn Law LLC walks clients through every step of the process from the initial consultation forward.  Attorney Tiffany R. Lunn-White and staff are concerned about every case. In a Lunn Law LLC consultation we provide valuable advice even if a prospective client may not be financially able to move forward with representation. We understand that money and the financial strain of a divorce can be an issue so we provide recommendations to minimize costs and still address all issues.  The firm also has the technology and systems in place to seamlessly represent client residing out of state but have a legal matter in Georgia.

Lunn Law LLC can be reached at 770-492-2974. Lunn Law has two convenient Metro-Atlanta locations: 124 S. Main Street Suite 1F Jonesboro GA 30236 and 110 Habersham Drive Fayetteville GA 30214. You can also find Lunn Law LLC across social media sites such as Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter,, and Pinterest.





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