How Safety Plans Can Affect Your Child Custody Case

Safety Plans are provided by the Department of Family and Child Services when they believe a child is at risk and they are in danger. The Safety Plan will outline what precautions need to be put in place to ensure the child’s safety moving forward. These plan should not be taken lightly.

Whenever you have been accused of putting a child at risk, you should consult an experience juvenile or child custody attorney to represent your best interests. A safety plan can be used against you in future child custody cases. It is imperative that an attorney be able to assist you so that if there is a misrepresentation of facts concerning your parental behavior.

A parent should not ever sign a Safety Plan arbitrarily or to just get the process behind them. It is something that can haunt people for years. Always seek representation early when it pertains to protecting your parental rights. We must not leave to chance what matters most.

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