The Discovery Process in Litigation

The discovery process during litigation is a very important time.  Clients should  take the process seriously and try to supply all that is being requested the first time it is asked for.  When the staff at Lunn Law LLC or any firm has to keep requesting that a client provide what is being requested to be in compliance then it will likely add to additional legal fees and can eventually hurt your case.

Generally, your attorney will inform you of all you need to know about being in compliance but it is very important that the client be honest and provide everything that is responsive to the questions. It can also greatly speed up the litigation process.

You should do the following regarding discovery documents such as Interrogatories, Admissions and Notice to Produce and Requests for Production of Documents:

  • Be honest
  • Be thorough
  • Meet any deadline set by your attorney for the delivery of your responses
  • Ask for clarification from your attorney of any question you do not understand
  • Deliver the information in the method that is most efficient way per your attorney

Help your attorney help you to move the process along. At Lunn Law LLC, we provide clients with instructions and will make ourselves available for discovery sessions to assist clients with compliance.  It is important that you have this relationship with any firm you work with for this very important phase of litigation and adhere to their advice.

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