Pre-Divorce and Divorce Tips

There are a number of tips that could and should be offered to those considering divorce.  This post is not intended to include all tips, but the following are useful to keep in mind as any divorcing person proceeds in the process to divorce.

1) Gather financial documentation;

2) Get a support system in place (if needed);

3) Have clear objectives in mind for your divorce outcome;

4) Understand that you can not share confidential matters about your divorce with others;

5) If you have children, do not share negative feelings or thoughts about the other parent with your children;

6) Prepare to be active in the divorce process;

7) Open your own bank account(s).  Joint accounts are often problematic;

8 ) If you have children, attempt to create the most stable environment possible;

9) Consider making changes to your Will, Heath Care Directive and/or other estate planning documents; and

10) Get legal representation.  There are various legal considerations and complexities to divorce and every case is different. A legal professional can assist you in this various serious matter for you and/or your children.

Post written by: Tiffany Lunn Esq.

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