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Attorney Tiffany Lunn (Tiffany Lunn-White) of Lunn Law LLC is the author of this informative blog. It is not meant to substitute legal advice. Only a detailed consultation with a lawyer can provide the exact answer needed. There are so many exceptions to any given rule. Lunn Law LLC is located in Clayton County, GA (Jonesboro, GA) and Fayette County, GA (Fayetteville, GA) that handles family law matters that include but are not exclusive to: Interstate Custody Actions, Child Support, Divorce, Legitimation, Paternity, Relative Adoption, Step-Parent Adoption, Contempt and Visitation. Lunn Law LLC is also familiar with how these issues affect military families. Lunn Law LLC is well-versed in the law of battling spouses, estranged parents, and family members. Call Lunn Law LLC or Attorney Tiffany Lunn for a meeting or initial consultation at 770-492-2974.