Tiffany R. Lunn Esq

Tiffany R. Lunn  Esq is a smart, compassionate and tenacious attorney.  She fights for her clients in the courtroom and empowers them to achieve their goals at such a very difficult time. Tiffany R. Lunn Esq shows determination and empathy. She understands that contacting an attorney pertaining to family and financial issues may be one of the biggest decisions of a person’s life. Contacting an attorney is a pivotal point that may mean a life altering change.  Attorney Tiffany R. Lunn is aware that such a change places that person in the position of leaving the life they have known for the last 2, 10, 25, or more years. Some clients may embrace the change while others want to fight against it at times.  Change is often hard.  Attorney Tiffany Lunn believes that trust is critical.  She works to handle each case to the best of her ability as if it were her own.

Tiffany R. Lunn, Esq is a family focused and family driven attorney. She makes court appearances in the southern counties of Metro-Atlanta. To schedule a meeting with Tiffany R. Lunn Esq, call 770-492-2974 or send an email to  Initial consultations are generally an hour in length depending of the complexity of the case. A reduced rate consultation fee does apply. You can find detailed areas of practice pertaining to Lunn Law LLC and Tiffany R. Lunn Esq. at or on this blog.


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